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Sample configuration for abc Main Config directory.
Designed to demonstrate the most important capabilities of abc.

* Projects inherit this configuration, then select specific parts to use.
* Projects need only establish what differs from the Main Configuration.
* The order in which variables are evaluated within other variables is important.

Your actual setup can be much simpler or more complex.
* There can be all-in-one file or the config can be split to even more files.
* Files can be included by using a variable name.

Build environment for this config:
* Linux:
  * gcc, g++
  * coreutils
* Windows:
  * gcc for Windows with g++ and std libs
  * coreutils / git for Windows / msys2


# Global Init:
* Adapt abc Main Config files to your needs, for all projects.
  In fact, several Main Configurations are possible, using different locations.
  Use your compiler and your selection of build flags.
  This step actually is not part of local project setup.

# Init for a project:
* Create "abc.conf" in base directory.
  Specify what differs from the main, global configuration.
* Once: run "abc" in this directory.
  Alternative: run "abc" with "--help" and pick a generator.

* "make" is stable.
* "ninja" is usually faster than "make" and should have been stable.
  However, sometimes ninja cache must be manually cleared by the user.
  This need-user-intervention is the main reason for "(e)experimental" tag.
  With cache cleared, ninja build time is near make build time.
* "cmake" is a bit slower overall.
  Its reliability highly depends on:
  version, how it was installed and additional cmake files.
  Reliability may be more important than its advantages.
  However the user decides what it is better.

# Steps for every build:
* There are NO special steps for abc, really.
  Just build as usual.
  Run "make" or "ninja" or "cmake".
* When files are added/removed/changed,
  the make-files are updated automatically.
* Sometimes "make distclean" is needed (or "ninja distclean"),
  especially when sub-projects are removed.
  For the user to have a chance to detect disk/LAN issues,
  clean/distclean were not automatized.
  - Partial delivery is not allowed.
  - Either everything is ok (including tests, coverage, etc.), either not.


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