Command-line Helpers // software utilities

Advantages of command-line Helpers

Just useful:

  • dedicated for usual tasks
  • short syntax
  • usually faster than one-liners with usual core-utils.
  • These software applications can be used with Abc (in the generated files) or by the programmer for daily tasks.

List of Helpers:

  • bany (Build Anywhere - build from any subdirectory)

    • bany all is similar to rt -U jake.jake jake all || rt -U Makefile make all || ...
    • However, Bany stops at first directory where either jake/make/ninja/cmake can be launched.
  • cats (Cat and Squeeze blanks)

  • cprec (Copy/Move with Recursive path)

  • depmake (collect Dependency files generated by a compiler for Make)

    • Useful in a hook-script with Abc and Jake/make.
  • lmt (Last Modified Time)

  • lsrec (List Recursive)

  • realpathrec (Real Path Recursive)

  • regenide (Re-Generates project files for an IDE)

    • Useful in a hook-script with Abc and Jake/make.
  • repls (Replace Strings)

  • rmrec (Remove Recursive)

  • rt (Run Time)

    • A great useful tool to collect data for benchmarks.
  • runcaplog (Run and Capture output in Log file)

    • Allow to capture stdin, stdout and both, each in a different file.
    • Note that message mixing, when it happens, depends on: when/how the programs flush their output, OS behavior, if the 2 output channels are combined, etc.
  • sortf (Sort File in place)

  • touchrec (Touch Recursive)

  • truncrec (Truncate file Recursive)

  • upfind (go Up to Find given path)

  • waitkey (Wait for a Key or until time elapses)

  • weg (Wildcard Expressions Grep)

  • Some examples can be found in Downloads.
  • Some of these software applications are free to use.
  • Try each helper with the -h argument.

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