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About our passion and satisfactions

We have been passionate about creating quality software for over 20 years.

Quality involves much more than writing code.

Passion has helped us to grow and continually improve.

Our satisfaction is high when:

  • The clients are happy with our deliveries.
    • Deliveries contain quality status established with ATDD, BDD and TDD.
  • The released product fulfills the intended use.
    • Ensured by the coverage of requirements.
  • The project is reliable and grows in the desired direction.
    • Supported by: architecture, code coverage, regression tests, planning.
  • The released product is as fast as desired on the given hardware.
    • Runtime speed requirements are ensured by performance testing with positive and negative test cases.

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How we like to work

  • We use a curated selection of practical and proven rules.
  • Our beliefs:
    • "Begin with the End in mind. Remember the Intended Use!"
    • "Improve when change brings Value!"
    • "Performance and Security must be considered early in Architecture."

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