Categories of Services

  • Custom software and firmware development for Embedded devices and PCs:
    • Automotive software
    • Medical Devices firmware and software
    • Embedded firmware
    • Game software
  • Performance and security for embedded devices, computers and networks.
  • Quality from the beginning of the project and in every delivery.

Professionalism = Awareness of needs + application of Principles

Technical Solutions for Projects

  • Specifications, Requirements
  • System Architecture, Subsystem Architecture
  • Performance: analysis, implementation, testing
  • Data security, Cybersecurity
  • Design
  • Code:
    • C99 / C11 / Embedded C++ / C++
    • Scripts for the build chain
  • Tests: unit, integration, functional, production, post-production
  • Software validation, supported by scripts and automated tests
  • Coverage analysis for: requirements, code, tests
  • Reviews: specifications, code, tests

Knowing how, why and what to use is essential for a reliable product.

Solutions for teams

  • Consulting and Training activities
  • How to write and review:
    • Specifications
    • Architecture
    • Code
    • Tests
    • Software validation
  • Early automated testing
  • Code coverage
  • Specification coverage
  • Build chain setup:
    • Code conventions
    • Automated tests
    • Custom events
  • Standards and regulations impact.

Common core knowledge, predictable workflow!

Project Management

We have used various project management processes and methods over time.


  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Prince2
  • SAFe


  • V-Model / Waterfall
  • Spiral Model
  • Iterative and Incremental Development

You can be assured that we can find a common language to communicate at the project management level.

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