Hazy (Hash,Zappy) // hash and symmetric-encryption tool

Benefits of Hazy

Trust that your data is safe

Key guess attempts are very slow for large keys

because the key accepts any non-zero numeric value.

Gain Time

This tool is, by design, fast at encryption/decryption

even with long keys.

Uniqueness of Hazy

  • Key length and number of rounds are limited only by computer capabilities.

When to use Hazy?

  • You can use encryption to keep your backups secure.
  • When secure data exchange and speed and responsiveness are important, this is the right tool to use.

Who can use Hazy?

  • Anyone who wants to encrypt a file can use this tool.

Hazy Feature List

  • Hash tool for text or binary data.
    • Multiple hashing algorithms can be used.
  • Symmetric Encryption tool:
    • Variable key length: 32bit to 1024bit and beyond.
    • The upper limits are dictated by: the used computer, OS and what is reasonable from the user point of view.
    • The given key is a base for the real, variable key.
    • It was designed to be fast at encryption/decryption.
    • However, bigger keys can slow down a bit the encryption/decryption process.
    • It was found to be faster than AES for the same key length and the same number of rounds.
    • It was designed to be slow at guessing keys.
    • Any non-zero number can be used as key chunks. It is not limited to prime numbers. Multiples of 2 are not recommended.
    • The big range of possibilities for key and seed makes it harder to guess the key.
    • Allow multiple rounds, which are recommended for short text.
  • Easy to use.
    • A long key can be generated from text, with the same tool.

  • Please use long keys (and keep them in a safe place) and long text/binary data (pad with random data if necessary).
    • There is no known method of guessing long keys in a reasonable amount of time.
    • There are no known practical shortcuts to guessing a long key.
  • The actual value for "short" and "long" depends on the security level desired by the user for a particular task.
  • Some practical examples can be found in Downloads.

Image and Video Gallery

Hazy test with key file

Hazy video demo - encryption Hazy video demo - encryption

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