Software Tools Overview

Abc ( Adapt, Build, Certify ... Deploy, Export ) // application development software

  • A multi-project JIT generator for: Jake, GNU Make, Ninja Build, CMake.
  • Automate developer tasks in a reliable way.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Simple and fast management of complex projects.

info: Abc

Jake ( Jake wants to be ... faster than Make ) // application development software

  • Jake is a build utility, similar to Make.
  • Jake aims to be ... better than Make (for its build goals and rules).

info: Jake

Hazy ( Hash, Zappy ) // encryption tool

  • Symmetric Encryption tool:
    • Variable key length: 32bit to 1024bit and beyond.
    • By design: Fast at encryption/decryption; Slow at guessing keys.
  • Hash tool for text or binary data.

info: Hazy

Command-line Helpers // software utilities

  • Just useful: dedicated for usual tasks, short syntax, usually faster than one-liners with usual core-utils.

info: command-line Helpers


Downloads are now available for: Ubuntu , Windows

Next OS candidates (on request, else: if time allows & tests pass):

  • Other Linux flavors: Debian, Fedora, etc.
  • BSD flavors

Upcoming ...
  • JustBuild ( Adaptive Just-in-time Build, Certify inside, Deploy outside )