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Pricing Information

  • Prices are for one Active-License for the specified app.
    • 10% Discount: over 10 licenses for the same app.
    • 20% Discount: over 100 licenses for the same app.
  • Contact us by email for Active-License info and registration steps.

  • Non-Profit category:
    • The software you build using our tools is not (part of) a sold product.
    • e.g. Open Source, Academic, Educational, Freeware, or personal use software.
    • Contact us by email for an Active-License at no cost.

  • For additional discounts or for the Non-Profit category:
    • We may require a note about the use of our software in building your product.


  • An Active-License-File is tied to one OS instance per computer.
    • These software applications are designed to finish their tasks as quick as possible.
    • Network access only for license reasons would defeat the speed goal.
    • Consequently, there are no network/shared licenses.
  • Active-Licenses are perpetual. They have no expiration date.
  • There are no refunds for an Active-License.
    • The user can and should test the software beforehand on his/her OS instance.
    • It is up to users to use an Active-License-File or not once they have it.
    • A request for an active license assumes that the user wants it and understands the context.


  • A Default-License is used by default, when the correct Active-License-File is not found in the right location.
    • So that you can evaluate software applications within 30 days of download.
    • After evaluating the app, you must either purchase and Active-License, or delete the app.
  • Happy Hours [10,12). No delays during Happy Hours.
    • For You to be able to evaluate a combination of software applications at full speed.
  • Some of the software applications do not have registration options.
    • These are free to use. No evaluation limit. No delays.
    • Active-License is not required for these software applications.