Quick How-To for Jake


Note: This is a "quick how-to". The instructions are subjectively reduced to a minimum, to keep focus and clarity.

Setup for the first time

[1] Unpack the archive:

unzip -o __ARCHIVE__.zip OR 7z x -y __ARCHIVE__.zip

(optional) Verify the checksums against the official checksum values.

Do not use checksums from unknown sources.

(optional) On Linux: chmod +x bin/* or chmod u+x bin/*.

[2] Enjoy.

The --help command line argument can be used.

Examples of use - basic rules

For a quick-start with basic rules, download and unpack the sample project archive spt-gen-txt-1-20-30.

  • Need: GNU core-utils to be found in PATH.
  • No compiler is required.

Jake uses only the rules written in a jake file. It does not know what is a compiler, neither a linker.

Open a console in one of the directories, then run:


The Makefile(s) are following make and Jake sytax. You can rename each "Makefile" to "jake.jake" if you like.


These Jake files were created for demo purposes. The sub-project dependencies are minimal, one-way.

Examples of use - build something

For a quick-start with a build, download and unpack Abc and sample project archive SPT_with_conf.

  • Need: GNU gcc/g++ and core-utils to be found in PATH.

Open a console in sptDir_Sample_ProjTree, then run:

abc --gen-jake

The generated 'jake' files can be used as examples.

Alternatively, if "make" is also available and your IDE uses automatically the Makefile, you can build from the IDE. The real build is made in the second step with Jake.

abc --gen-jake-make
# now build from the IDE
# or build from the command-line


Additional notes regarding the license file
  • With a "Default License", there is usually a small delay for each run.
    • Delays can add up quickly when the application is run for batch processing, several times per second/minute.
  • No delays during Happy Hours.
  • You can purchase an "Active License" to eliminate delays.

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