Challenge 2023-05

2023-05-30 2023-07-31

Thank you to everyone who accepted this challenge.

Enjoy your free licenses!

Challenge 2023-05 ( ends on 2023-07-23 )

Hi there,

Something weird about these year's releases: Nothing New?

Let's see:

  • Same functionality, nothing new was asked for. Wonder: this implementation of "good enough" is the perfect limit?
  • No real bugs reported since last year's release. Wonder: all clients do have what they expect from this product type?
  • Maturity gain yet an additional year. That changed. What else to do than to celebrate?

Something good deserve to grow further.

Challenge: Pick your real tool-chain. Do you need more than ABCDE process with Abc and Jake? (& Rest of published tools for cross platform embedded development.)
If so, and the config files are correct, and the speed is measured with registered tools (or during happy hour only), then up to
23 free licenses are awaiting for you.

Please state your name (& company if you speak for it) and your wish. If your ideas are considered on topic & new, there is a high chance to receive a response (within 2-7 days), then to boost your business.

Max email date: 2023-07-23.

Note: UIT & CIT are client-specific (special demand), and are not part of the standard software suite, neither should influence this challenge, to be fair for everyone.

Warm Zero

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