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What is "C+-" ?

  • A subset of C++ language with additional code conventions.
  • A collection of libraries written in a special way.

"C+-" as a subset of C++:

  • No RTTI.

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Ready? ... Let's start!

The main pattern



Jake is a build utility. Its name comes from: Jobs Make. Parallel jobs are used to make goals.

Jake was inspired by the reliable "make" utility. However, the goal is not to support everything make can do. Rather, to provide a clear approach to achieve user-defined goals.



One of main goals of Abc is to help developers do fewer context switches and be able to focus on project logic.

One way is to automate (in a known and expected way) the additional maintenance tasks required by the tools to be performed by the user.


This is a brief list of references to external sources of information, software-related.

Client specifications derived from standards must be used in projects.

Principles and Practices

  • Clean code principles and practices
  • SOLID design
  • SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely

Wildcard Patterns

  • Special markers:

    • ? == any char
    • * == "" "any-chars"
    • a|b == a || b
  • A match action will skip over ./ or ../ at start of string, to avoid an unexpected match with .* in file-path.